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08 January 2007

Selling it...

Has Scoot sold out? Apparently he has traded in his Saturn for a truck, okay a small truck. He needs some good advice, Sonic you out there? I think Major John has a truck of sorts.

Anyway, he also has started the ad function on his blog, although I don't know how he is getting paid. One of the first is this one.

Huh, I guess beggars can't be choosers. Unless of course this is only a prelude to his signing up with AFSOC and becoming the latest weapon in our war against injustice and tyrrany.

Could be.

An no, I don't care that his blog is worth more than mine. Anyone who can show me a receipt for the sale of their blog can validate the market!


Scootmaroo said...

Um. Sold out indeed. Yeah, I need the paltry sums that adsense is dolling out. I find it ironic and humorous the ads that they randomly put up "based on content", i.e. the military ads and the gay jewlery stuff....oh yes, and the personal ads from India.

As for the truck, remember, I had one before. You helped me change the tire. I miss it. I am tired on begging/borrowing/stealing to haul crap from Home Depot for set construction. I like to sit high up on the road (oh, the things you can see....). I want a "Screaming Yellow" Ford, though they seem to be hard to come by, and I may have to settle for "Vista Blue."

You don't(hand on hip, head twirling, eye rolling, index finger a swingin') know me! (oh. wait. you do.)

Scootmaroo said...

And oh yes,please remember that I live in DC, minutes away from Fort Mcnair, Andrews, Anacostia NAS, Quantico, Ft. Meyer,and The 8th and I Barracks, so I am, in my own special way, already a member of the Air Force Special Operations Command. I can't go into the details without violating certain aspects of DODT.

Rick: So Yvonne's gone over to the enemy.
Renault: Who knows? In her own way, she may constitute an entire second front.

sonicfrog said...

CD exclaimed, waiving arms frantically:

Dude! Scoot needs help!

I'll be right over

Citizen Deux said...

Thank god! The Frog is here!

Major John said...

No, in fact I drive a Saturn L200...