Gratuitous Lileks…

James Lileks is an engaging and entertaining writer. For those who don’t know his work, he has a great web site with a collection of his work at his site. He has published a couple of books is I favor him for his perspective on mid 20th century culture.

Apparently he also has a job writing for a newspaper in Minnesota.

Who knew?

Like most internet preferring readers, sometimes I don’t get the full story on the authors of what I read. Which is a bit tricky as I might actually find myself agreeing with someone like EJ Dionne, when I know in my heart that they (he? she? I’m not even sure of the gender of Mr/Ms. Dionne!) are actually a reincarnation of Karl Marx’s lost cousin Skid.

However, Lileks is a real, honest to goodness newspaper man!

(I think he’s a man – yep, he’s a man.)

Just like my uncle Bob. Now, my uncle Bob is also a real newspaperman – definitely a man. He lived in the glorious town of Indian Rocks Beach, Florida and worked for the Clearwater Sun. He was an avid opponent of Scientology (tune in later for my rant on quack religions, dangerous beliefs and the incredible gullibility of humanity) and still writes a column, a lot apparently!.

He moved from the finest state in the Union to the cold reaches inhabited by on the intrepid, like Boston Maggie, definitely a woman.

Uncle Bob was caught up in the consolidation of print media in the 1980s.

He was one of the guys who made a very positive impact on my life – I even think he’s a democrat.

He’s definitely a Navy man.

But I digress. Back to Lileks.

He has a great column on the impact of the change in his job. One of the worst appears to be no more telecommuting. Not good. I enjoyed hearing about his adventures with his daughter and, personally, I would rather field questions from my boys face to face and deal with the corporate world from the safety of my own domain.

If you don’t read his work, peruse his site. If you do, then keep it up and go read some of my Uncle Bob’s stuff!

Criminy, you don’t want to fill your hours reading the same old thing, do you?


Now that's the perky, amusing Deux we all know and love. Good work.
Shinga said…
I'm intrigued - I'll take a look.

Regards - Shinga
Citizen Deux said…
Thanks! And welcome to Shinga - by the way, check out Breath Spa Kids for an interesting UK look at respiratory therapy.
BostonMaggie said…
A) How can you be sure I am a woman? It is Massachusetts after all.

B) If Bob is a Navy man and he is up here in the cold northern reaches and he is smart.........can you pass along my email? The Rotation is always looking for smart Navy men.
Citizen Deux said…
A) The tip was the manicure story in DC. Very funny - only a woman would complain about the amount of polish put on the nail...

B) Yes - very smart, check out his work (pic on the site). Would recommend him as a ringer for any heavy duty dinner party.
BostonMaggie said…
Come on! What do you mean, only a woman? Aren't you Navy guys always painting stuff gray? My Dad is very, very fussy about how he paints. I can remember lessons about not just sticking the brush all the way in, just the end. Then you have to smooth it against the edge of the can. Plenty of drip clothes. Multiple thin coats dry faster and look better.

Also, Uncle Bob would not be needed for a heavy duty dinner party...he would be entertaining me!
I concur with maggie on manicures. I love them. The make me feel fresh and alive. However, if I am not buffed and polished to my out, byatches.

Find me a nice navy guy as well. Preferably a medic. Or a fighter pilot, to fulfill all my Top Gun fantasies....
BostonMaggie said…
Jack! I was drinking something! there should be a warning. You are outrageous! We should go get manicures together.
sonicfrog said…
I've never been *cured, and probably never will be.

Lileks exposed the dark Star Wars secret, that the entire Wookie race were alcoholics, which is why, for saftey reasons, they aren't allowed to carry guns and only have cross-bows (ever try to load one of those when you're plastered), and why it's soo damned hard to understand just what thet're saying.
Citizen Deux said…
So, Sonic, what you're saying is that Chewie is just one big lush and the name of their home planet Kasshykk is simply some horribly slurred mispronunciation?

That explains no pants on wookies...
sonicfrog said…
Yep, and "Chewie"s real name is Charlie, but his parents were sooo sauced that they could never say it right, so the name "Chewie" stuck.

Ver Word; huuwlbmi