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19 October 2007

Pelosi is a moron...

I usually avoid ad hominem attacks in blogs, especially headlines. However, recent action by the speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) - sounds like more - is foolish on its face and malicious in its intent.

Turkey is a complex country literally straddling the old and new world. It sits in a geographically strategic position and exhibits what an Islamic state with a secular government could become. It has been a valuable ally for many years. And aside from a few ethniphobic incidents (Greeks, Kurds, Armenians) generally presents a hopeful path for other countries.

Turkey is not an Arabic state. It arose from the ashes of World War I as the former seat of the Ottoman empire. It enjoyed existence as a state for many years and was not created out of whole cloth as many of the other Middle Eastern states were. No nation like Iran existed prior to 1906.

Pelosi decided that cirticizing Turkey for its legacy participation in atrocities against Armenians would be a good thing. This is surprising, as the United States Congress is still unwilling to act decisively in Darfur, Myanmar or other regions where present day genocides are occurring. Her, and congress', meddling in foreign affairs underscores the foolishness of having a legislative body directing foreign policy.

The Turkish government, naturally, is a little upset. This would be similar to a foreign nation condemning the United States for its part in the slave trade. A reality, but in historical context - foreign condemnation is useless. This little stunt by a do nothing, know nothing congress may serve to further imperil our operations in Iraq and by extension my brothers and sisters in arms.
No wonder congress' rating is approaching single digits.


sonicfrog said...

Yeah, I'm waiting for the latest pols to show just what a disaster this episode was. Of coarse, the republicans will loose , not because of the dems better ideas or record, but because of the crappy record the repubs accumulated during their six years in power.

Citizen Deux said...

We can't stand genocide we can't do anything about!!

(pounds desk)

But genocide we can do something about is a different matter...