Good bye, good luck and good riddance.

Exit Mike Huckabee.  The one time Baptist minister / governor of one of the most desperate states in the nation is out of the race.  He offered his support to John McCain in a conciliatory manner.  He described the race as not the one we had hoped for, but one we must win.  I am not sure what he hoped for had he emerged victorious. 


The only remaining opponent to John McCain is Ron Paul.  Officially, he is still in the race – although he is desperately defending a same party challenger in his home district.  I have a running bet with a fellow blogger that Ron Paul will fade from memory almost as quickly as Tom Tancredo.


Huckabee was an interesting spoiler.  He had distinctly left wing economic ideas and yet an evangelical’s philosophy.  I guess he is the closest thing to church folk, people who will help you out unconditionally, as long as they can get into your business, we have in the race.


I think the three remaining candidates will do an adequate job.  Although the only thing the President can really influence is foreign policy.  Providing that each candidate picks some heavy hitters for Secretary of State, we will be fine.  What will be interesting is the effect of the economy on the race.  Our nation’s economy is a 14 trillion dollar juggernaut which is hardly influenced by one administration, save due to conflict.  FDR spent a great deal of money with the implementation of the New Deal, but it was WWII which finally corrected the depression. 


With abortion, gun rights, and same sex marriage all off the table, there is little emotion left in the race.  The war in the Mideast is improving and the outcome should be secure, barring some unforeseen idiocy by Iran. 


As I see it, the campaign boils down to security, energy and rebuilding our foreign reputation through engaging policy.  I am not sure that the democrats can deliver on number one and three.



sonicfrog said…
I would have voted for him because he is a bass player!!!
sonicfrog said…
PS. Just kidding. I was just using the same rational soooooo many Hillary voters are using to justify voting for her - because of her boobs and nether-region.
Citizen Deux said…
Nether region? You mean Bill?

Ver word: cuspiwn
I would have voted for him if Oprah had told me to!

ver word: gfokplo. It sounds like a Vulcan verb.....
sonicfrog said…
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sonicfrog said…
Years ago, as a joke I bought the Sonic-Mate a "How To Speak Klingon" audio CD - it sounds like a Klingon noun:

naDev ghotpu' tu'lu (naDev = here, ghot = person) There are people here, someone finds people here.
Citizen Deux said…
Okay the Star Wars language blog is located over at