It's been a long time since I posted. Not that there isn't a lot to talk about. There is. I have been busy conducting operations for my civilian employer and have just finished with that task. Now, on to some R&R across the water.

But for some topics of interest.

1) Argentina's president declares Malvinas inherently Argentine! - UK beefs up defenses on Falklands

A very interesting revisit to the last major naval engagement of our time. Argentina is facing a serious political and economic crisis, a similar circumstance to the environment in the 1980s. The problem is that there is nowhere near the military capability to execute their national will. Likewise, England is summarily tied up in Afghanistan.

2) Haditha Marines exonerated

In November of 2005, a company of Marines came under attack in Haditha. Their resulting combat included a number of civilian casualties. Rep. John Murtha and TIME magazine went on a witch hunt accusing the Marines of a Mai Lai type massacre. The official court of inquiry has found the bulk of the enlisted Marines innocent. Typical AQI tactics include mixing in with civilian crowds in order to escape detection and create "humanitarian" crises.

3) Hilary "misremembers"

I think this will be the final chapter of her political career. This is more significant the Ronald Reagan's confusion of his experience in a movie and real life. Senator Clinton took a minor event and generated the benchmark for her credibility.

All for now...


Very interesting. I am off to stock up on the Bombay Sapphire, Tonic, and some limes for Sunday afternoon cocktails. There will be roast chicken for dinner Sunday night, and if you are good, I will get Yorkshire pudding. And we can watch the season premiere of DOCTOR WHO on Virgin On Demand, as well as the season finaly of TORCHWOOD.
Citizen Deux said…
Let's see who is still standing...
Major John said…
What is left of the Royal Navy isn't tied up in Afghanistan....heh.

I wonder if the Argentines aren't simply trying to get a cut of the expected oil bonanza the Falklands might be sitting on top of...?
Citizen Deux said…
NOt a bad guess - I think everyone is looking for the next big "gold" rush. Remember the Russians planting their flag on the sea floor of the north pole?