Judge not lest...

Citizen Une provided me with a shocking view of Governor Palin's nomination to the republican VP ticket.  She stated that Governor Palin should not run for office due to the condition of her eldest child.  She considered it irresponsible and negligent - presumably from a strictly maternal perspective.  We dove into a slightly longer discussion about qualifications - which she seems to view as light.  I was surprised.  To me this seemed like a double standard.  Clearly, Governor Palin has been embarked on a busy political life for some time.  She has raised five children, including a special needs child, and managed her family (along with her husband - notoriously left out of any commentary) during a very busy life in a demanding climate. 
I do not agree with her religious view.  To classify myself as irreligious would be an understatement.  I dislike any teaching of creationism / intelligent design as anything but philosophy.  There is no controversy in my mind on this topic.  Furthermore, I believe that the courts have settled well the issue of abortion.  I am firmly on the pro-choice side of the argument.  Having set myself against Governor Palin, I find many of her free market and anti-corruption stances more appealing.  These are roles which I expect from a Vice President.  Ever since Al Gore opened the door to a more activist VP role, we have seen the importance of this position grow.  I believe her experience is at least on par with Senator Obama's and her outlook and lack of Washington taint is probably appealing to Senator McCain.
I note, with some despair, that the more zealous supporters of Senator Obama have attacked Governor Palin on every level (from being a political neophyte to simply being a woman).  What is equally disappointing is that these detractors can not see the irony and hypocrisy in their assaults on this person.  I don't know if I would have placed myself into the contention for the Vice Presidency given the family situation which Governor Palin finds herself.  However, I expect she considered it carefully and is relying upon the counsel and support of her husband and family.  Her daughter, months away from "adulthood" has exercised bad judgment.  Starting a family so early in life presents challenges which are well understood.  I am certain that Governor Palin and her husband are wrestling with all the emotions related to such a circumstance. 
However, her decision to continue on this path is hers to make.  Just as John Edwards decided to continue his campaign when his wife was diagnosed with cancer, a tough call, but theirs alone. 
In a previous post (March) I predicted the race would be a Romney - Clinton match up.  Whooo!  Wrongville.  I do recall discussing Governor Palin as a one of my preferred VP options, but can not find the comment on the blog.


sonicfrog said…
Boy, what a thrilling and at the same time sucky election this is turning out to be. I have been doing some digging and Mrs. Palin is not quite the reformer the image-makers are projecting. She's not a party apparat-chick (get it?), but she's not quite the consummate rebel either. I think her gubernatorial experience is probably on par with Obama's senatorial stint (don't get me started on the community organizer bit) and, though I'm not saying neither is qualified to be President, they are according to constitutional requirements, I just find both of their resumes a bit thin. That said, for all I know Obama or Palin could turn out to be fine Presidents.

Oh, did I say Palin would be a fine Pres? I mean VP. Oh Well, the way the Republican base is acting, McCain might as well just resign from the ticket, since the base has never liked him anyway.
If McCain were truly a "maverick", he would have stuck with Lieberman, told "the base" to go screw themselves, and might have gotten more of Obama's votes from people who actually think about elections instead of from morons who want to "vote for someone just like me." It would have been nice if McCain had had the cojones to tell the GOP thay they do not need the evangelicals to win an election. I am sickened, and in all probability, will never return to my homeland as a resident again if there is even the remotest chance of wingnut Sarah Palin in the white house. We should all be ashamed of the unthinking hockey mom vote. We have once more become the laughing stock of the free world.
Citizen Deux said…
Merkel and Sarkozy won elections by appealing to an underserved section of their populace. Palin has a strong appeal - far beyond the "evangelicals", although there is certainly merit in reaching out to them - if you want to win. There are more registered democrats in the USA than republicans. Based simply on numbers, the race should be a lock. Rather than disparaging the Palin pick from your own personal disagreements with her positions, I think some reflection as to why this is happening is worthwhile.
I have refelected on why this is happening: narcicisim, plain and simple. We as Americans, for the most part, have stopped thinking about issues. We naval gaze and think of ourselves as the only nation which matters in the world. We, it seems, do not want people who might be superior in education or intellect running our nation, we want someone we can "identify" with: who would you rather have a beer with! Wow, she is a hockey mom just like me, so she must know how to run a country! Hey, she has perky glasses, nice hair, and looks as thought she enjoys shopping at TJ MAXX, just like me! Her politics? What are those? She's cute and spunky! I'll vote for her! That, is until someone cuter and spunkier comes along! THIS IS POLITICS! IT IS NOT DO I WATCH THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW OR ROOM 222 THIS SATURDAY NIGHT! But, sadly, that is how it is being played out.....
sonicfrog said…
Hey Cap!

Where the "L" have you been? Hiding in the secure bunker with Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin????

This isn't the first time a VP has been chosen to shore up the base. Teddy Roosevelt had to pick a VP that also would restore his GOP backing in 1904. I wrote a post detailing the experince levels of the elected VP's over the last twenty years. Both Palin (and Obama, for that matter) are just below the norm.

I am going to do the same analysis of Pres's and post it tomorrow.
sonicfrog said…
Oh, that VP was Charles Fairbanks. Yeah, I never heard of him either.
Fairbanks? Alaska? Does not one see some sort of conspiracy here? C'mon, Scully! Let's get on it!