Free choice with fries...

If anyone doubted the Labor Agenda and its potential negative impact on our economy, you need do nothing more than read Andy Stern's anti-McDonald's missive.  McDonald's is a large company which provides solid entry level jobs, decent benefits and flexible working arrangements for its employees.  No one is forced to work there - there are a host of entry level positions available - not as many with flexible hours though.  McDonald's offers management training, ownership opportunities and contributes of strong social programs across the country.  They are many of our first experiences of work. 
What the SEIU is trying to do is bully McDonalds employees into becoming a member of their union.  The disparity of CEO pay to base employee compensation is a matter for a responsible compensation board and the 770x multiple is misleading as it takes into account stock options (which may be worth zero at any given moment).   McDonald's provides simple food (one can make any case about nutritional value - it's about OUR choices) that people want.  I would be very interested to know exactly what benefits SEIU would offer organized members.  It was partly labor's intransigence which led the United States automobile industry, textile industry, steel industry and electronics industry overseas. 
Will their efforts cripple McDonald's as well?

From: Michael []
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2008 2:47 PM
Subject: Go to McDonald's tomorrow at noon

McScrooged: Talk To McDonalds Employees Dear,

Last week we told you that McDonald's wasn't lovin' free choice at work. Several thousand of you stood up and told the company what you think about their efforts to stop their employees' free choice.

Now we're kicking our campaign into high gear. We want to speak directly with McDonald's employees about what it's like to work for a CEO who is paid 770 times what his workers earn, leaving working families with barely enough to afford the "Dollar Menu."

We're organizing events at McDonald's locations around the country for TOMORROW at NOON. Can you take an hour tomorrow to go to your local McDonald's to educate McDonald's employees about free choice?

Click here to find an event at a McDonald's near you and RSVP now.

If you can't find an event near you, you can plan your own - it's easy, quick, and we provide all the materials you need.

According to published reports, the fast food giant is organizing its store owners to oppose the Employee Free Choice Act. McDonald's has reportedly even formed an "internal response actively participate in the opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act."

The Employee Free Choice Act gives workers the free choice to join unions so they can bargain for better wages, benefits, and retirement security. But it's apparent that McDonald's doesn't want its employees to see any of that.

It's time for McDonald's to give workers more of the wealth they help create, and it's up to us to tell them how to do so.

Find or plan an event at a McDonald's near you TOMORROW at NOON to tell employees why they need free choice at work. Click here to RSVP.

Thank you for your support of McDonald's employees and workers everywhere.

In Solidarity,

Michael Whitney
Change that Works

1800 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036


Mack said…
Great, now we're going to have to get financing just to buy a Big Mac.
That is, if you want to buy a Big Mac. Frankly, I feel that the employees have the right to form a union. However, as I eat at McDonald's MAYEB twice a year at most, it makes no never mind to me how much the food is still crap food, and in a way, to those addicted, it is like heroin. I think they will pay anything to get it.

Meanwhile, I will be down at the local chippie or kebab palace.
Citizen Deux said…
I have no problem with the right to unionize, I have a problem with the bullying approahc of organized labor, specifically outsiders who believe they know better than the employees. The EFCA also circumvents the right of employers to adequately answer the charges leveled during an organizing campaign.

The SEIU has an agenda, and it is not focused on the worker!
Citizen Deux said…
By the way, let's not forget that this protest is aimed at franchisees who are being asked by McDonalds to help oppose passage of the EFCA. Nowhere are the employees being asked to do anything (which is illegal under labor law). But the SEIU seems to ignore this and prefers to use intimidation to interfere with the right of a citizen or business to support or oppose legislation.
Major (P) John said…
The SEIU has a very simple purpose - money and power for the SEIU.

They want what the UAW used to have. To get it, they will bring about what the UAW has too - but that is a can kicked down the road for the current leadership.
Elizabeth said…
CD, I have not visited your blog for some time, but here I am to wish you and yours a happy and healthy 2009. :)
Citizen Deux said…
E - Thanks for the kind words. I hope you're still writing!

Elizabeth said…
Thanks, CD. I've stopped for a while now, a long while. Too distracted and preoccupied with reality -- or rather trying to run away from it, unsuccessfully, as always. :)