An ill wind...

I get a lot if ideas for posts, and then something comes along to distract me, like my real job.  I enjoy blogging, it’s a one sided conversation that I feel like I win every time I post.  For those few readers who know me in “meatspace”, I am a bit argumentative.  I have been known to take an opposing view just for the sake of the argument. 


Yes, I was a debater in high school.   It is an extracurricular activity which would benefit every young person, in my opinion.  But I want to talk about an extracurricular activity which would be a detriment to the nation as a whole.  That is Rep. Charlie Rangel idiotic legislation to reinstate the draft.


Rangel is a leading Democrat from New York who was a decorated Korean War veteran.  He vehemently opposes the Iraq conflict and believes (erroneously) that lower income people bear the burden of military service and thus service.  Rangel’s original legislation was thought to provide a social commentary about the disproportionate level of service in the nation.  I do agree with this argument to some degree.  There is too much disconnect from the military to the general population.  However, this is true for many careers.  Most people do not know a farmer personally.  They do no know an investment banker or a politician.  This makes for an increased lack of understanding of this person’s role and impact on society.


The American public has become used to a no risk, push button military able to deliver stunning victories with almost zero loss of life.  The conflict in Iraq is an overwhelming success on any military measure.  In the past six years, the number of casualties is staggering low.  It is often argued that no conflict is worth an American life, to that I counter the arguer believes that America has no value.


The American military is the second largest in the world.  It is the most professional and sophisticated.  It is the most honest and able of ANY military service.  A recent GAO report put forth the following;


The active duty force has undergone several demographic changes since

the end of the draft and the advent of an all-volunteer force in 1973. It

has become older and better educated, it has experienced increases in

the representation of minority and female service members, and a greater

proportion of its service members are married and have children.

Recognizing that a family’s satisfaction with military life can influence

retention, Congress and DOD have responded by establishing and

increasing support services for military families. However, opportunities

exist to further improve benefits in this area.


The military has grown, improved and continues to shape itself to meet the needs of the changing world.  I do not believe any serving member, when asked directly, would want to serve alongside someone who is there against their will.  We, as Americans, value individual liberty (rightly, I believe) above all other rights.  It was Milton Friedman, President Nixon’s economist, who correctly labeled the draft as "slavery".  Rarely will you find a direct link to an antiwar site, however, the point is critical. 


Rangel, a descendant of slaves would have our nation burdened with a slave class again. 


Be sure to let him know how you feel.






nymble said…
Maybe he should spend some time with the new military. Then he would know what we know. The pentagon is right down the street.
And yet even in the new military, i still can't join if I want to and be truthful aboutself. Unlike our allies such as Israel and the UK.
Citizen Deux said…
That last detail will, hopefully, be corrected with this administration.
Major (P) John said…
Good old Rep Rangel can't even remember to pay his #$%&ing taxes - just what does he think we will do with draftees?

I never hear any details about who will get drafted, and exactly what we will do with these people?

*&%@ing stunt by an out of touch, daft bs artist.
Anonymous said…
We should draft SUV owners.