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Naval forces of CTF 151 make a significant capture of a pirate mothership off the Somali coast. In this action it was the response to an Egyption ship which led embarked helos from teh USS GETTYSBURG and ROKS MUNMU THE GREAT (what a cool name) to discover the pirates' floating base. It should also underscore how tought this operation will be to sustain in an ongoing basis. The mothership was not much more than a small fishing vessel with a few small arms aboard. The pirates will turn out to be unemployed youth seeking to make a quick buck at the behest of some higher headman.
We can not employ guided missile cruisers to stop pirates. We need to deploy a small squadron of light craft centered around an amphibious ship, preferably an LHD. This would provide a platform for embarked helos, critical for identifying these vessels, and a base for high speed vessel response. With MARPAT (Maritime Patrol) overflights, we could provide sufficient deterrent for the far offshore operations of pirates. Additionally, the Rules of Engagement (ROE) should be modified to permit the use deadly force in defense of any civilian vessel under current attack.

From: American Forces Press Service
Sent: Thu 5/14/2009 11:39 AM
Subject: Combined Task Force Makes First Suspected Pirate Capture

Combined Task Force Makes First Suspected Pirate Capture
Thu, 14 May 2009 11:16:00 -0500

Combined Task Force Makes First Suspected Pirate Capture

American Forces Press Service

ABOARD USS GETTYSBURG AT SEA, May 14, 2009 - Ships from Combined Task Force 151 prevented a piracy attack in the Gulf of Aden, which resulted in the apprehension of more than a dozen suspected pirates aboard an alleged "mothership" yesterday.

The South Korean destroyer ROKS Munmu the Great and guided missile cruiser USS Gettysburg responded to a distress call from the Egyptian-flagged motor vessel Amira, which reported being attacked about 75 nautical miles south of Mukalla, Yemen.

Several assault rifle rounds and a rocket-propelled grenade round struck the Amira, causing little or no damage. A rope was thrown from the skiff in an attempt to board, but the attempt failed and the suspected pirates abandoned their attack.

Gettysburg and Munmu the Great launched their embarked helicopters which flew immediately to Amira's location. During its flight, the SH-60B helicopter assigned to Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron Light 46 located a small boat suspected of serving as a pirate mothership.

A Gettysburg visit, board, search and seizure team boarded the boat along with members of U.S. Coast Guard Legal Detachment 409 and apprehended the suspected pirates after finding eight assault rifles, a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and a rocket-propelled grenade. All 17 of the passengers were brought on board Gettysburg for further questioning.

"This is another clear example of how coordination between the Combined Maritime Forces resulted in the successful disruption of pirate activity," said Royal Navy Commodore Tim Lowe, deputy commander of the Combined Maritime Forces. "It is imperative that all maritime forces continue to synchronize their efforts to deter and disrupt these unlawful and aggressive acts."

Gettysburg and Munmu the Great are operating in support of CTF 151, a multinational task force established to conduct counterpiracy operations under a mission-based mandate throughout the CMF area of responsibility to deter, disrupt and suppress piracy and secure freedom of navigation.

(From a Combined Maritime Forces news release.)

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LTC John said…
Sink the ship, turn the pirates, er, sea-going weath redistributionists, over to Kenya. Perhaps some foreign aid to subsidize the Kenyan prison system...

Or we could just blow the #$^ers out of the water and skip all that.
Citizen Deux said…
Colonel, that's all well and good; providing there are no survivors. As long as no one's left to call a lawyer (sorry) it's all good. We need to make sure the gun cameras are running.

sonicfrog said…
Off Topic:

I'm out at work. I'm now known as that sub who is gay!

Details here