Battle Du Jour...

I have spent some considerable time away from the blog in an area of one of my personal interests, that of medical ethics.  There are a number of excellent sites which detail the battles raging within science / evidence based medicine.  Given the pending debate over health care in the nation - it is worth making the rounds as several sites offer a professional view into the healthcare world.  I promise to return at some point to tackle the arising urgent issues;
1 - North Korea - bluff and bluster or doom and disaster
2 - The shrinking pirate problem - no news is good news?
3 - Why we need to rethink our weapons programs
4 - Obamaconomy - It's his to win or lose
I know I just overcommitted, but that's just who I am.


I await with baited breath! especially #1!
sonicfrog said…
Hear are my answers to the quizzie of sorts.

# 1. Bluff and Bluster. Same as always. What's probably happening is that Dear Leader is ready to shed his mortal coil, and prepping for the son to take over.

# 2. Same as it always was. The problem isn't shrinking, it's just getting less publicity. The Pirates have just decided to stay away from Americans, 'cause... well... we shoot back. It's like network coverage of the Olympics. If it doesn't involve the U.S., it doesn't really matter. It's why I don't watch the Olympics much anymore.

# 3. Yep. Been saying that for years. The idea of nuclear containment is outdated to say the least. I'm not implying that we shouldn't disuade other countries from getting the bomb. But lets face it - sooner or later Iran or N.K, or a country like Iran or N.K., will get the bomb. It's inevitable. The good thing is that, though they really don't care if their countrymen get blown up, they, the leaders, DON'T want to get blown up. The thing they will get from having an active nuke is the unwritten assurance that once they have it, no one will invade, as we did in a nukeless Iraq.

I'm much more concerned about chem and bio ware.

# 4. OK. Not a big fan of the fiscal policy so far (I think I just won the "Understatement Of The Year" award), but, out of respect for the office, and the man, I, as I do for every President whether I voted for him or not, will give him two years before I pass any definitive judgment. This current crisis has been in the works for thirty years, since we the citizens and the government perfected living on credit to an art form.

It will be interesting to see how things turn out in the next few years.

OK. Gotta go. Have to work out of the way, so I can goof off later in the day.
sonicfrog said…
PS. I think I interpreted # 3 wrong. Will revisit it later.