To all my brothers and sisters in uniform, past and present. I raise my
glass. To my Marine Corps comrades - Happy Birthday. How reassuring to
know your origins spring from a tavern located in the city most
associated with freedom in our nation, Philadelphia.

It is also fitting that the DADT survey was leaked today indicating that
the armed services will integrate all those willing and able to serve
with no regard for their personal orientation. It is often the military
which provides the model for our greater society. We racially
integrated first and perhaps will demonstrate the absurdity of
discriminating against our fellow humans simply based on who they choose
to love. I am grateful to those service members who have paved the way
for our nation and the world at large and I am eternally indebted to
those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their brothers-in-arms.

It is ultimately for one another that we serve. It is for the promise
that our nation represents and continues to fulfill throughout the
world. One day we will be able to stack arms and reflect that our
sacrifices were not in vain but in truth given for all those who dwell
on this planet and seek the freedom which is humanity's inherent right.