UPDATED: Boiron vs Blogzero...

UPDATE 24 AUG 11: Boiron has written a letter in which they state they will not pursue legal action. The wording is interesting in which they claim to be open to debate but leaving the classic argument that science has not reached the realms of the "infinitely small".


Boiron is a multi-billion dollar manufacturer of homeopathic concoctions. They have subjected an Italian blogger for daring the criticize their product Oscillococcinum. This is promoted as a treatment cure for the flu and cold (although in the United States it bears the FDA required disclaimer that it is "not intended to treat or cure any disease"). ANY company which provides a product to the public is subject to critical review by the public and hence the markets.

If our Blogzero friend is saying something untrue, this site's most popular post is related to the efficacy of Sinupret, then by all means he should retract or correct it. If he is making fundamentally true statements, which I believe he is, then Boiron is engaging in cyber-bullying.

This is a free speech issue. Read for yourself and decide!

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