Well it seems that the complexity that is the event in Haditha is increasing. The WaPo reports (via Reuters) that defense lawyers are working to establish the credibility of the video tape shot by the Hammurabi Human Rights and Democracy Monitoring group which providied the initial lead on the November 2005 battle.

There is certainly sufficient information to conduct a detailed investigation, however, there was never enough data to rush to judgement in the case, as had been done in the media and via Sullivan. Scoot has proffered to me several well written arguments for the inevitable collapse of civil liberties and the arrival of jack booted thugs at the doorstep of every left leaning American. I still can't even come to a basic level of agreement.

Perhaps District Attorney Mike Nifong (warning link to Bill O'Reilly!) was part of the initial team of investigators?


Scootmaroo said…
Wow. Bringing me into THAT post at the last minute was,as the children say, random.....Still, it is an honor to be nominated.