For whom the bell tolls...

Lieberman onward as an independent, McKinney out on her ear.
There is nothing more brutal than internecine warfare.  Joe Lieberman waged a tough campaign, but was undone by the concentrated efforts of MoveOn and Lamont's millions.  The internal battle for the heart and soul of the democratic party was on full display in Connecticut.  Let's recall that just a few years ago, Lieberman was a viable presidential candidate.  The senator from Connecticut has been a principled and above all honest broker for his state.  A state which has a disproportionate share of wealth versus its meager population.
And yet the party chose to unseat him.  Ironic, there is a good likelihood that he will win as an independent.  This means that a "seat" in the senate has effectively been lost to the democrats.  Lieberman's new campaign may signal a new opportunity for American politics.  Independents at the congressional level may be able to more accurately reflect their voters concerns and speak out openly on issues of importance to them.  No longer tied to the party line, we may see the return of a vital and engaged legislature!
Alright, I am putting down the martini.
Cynthia McKinney is a perfect example of someone killing the goose that laid the golden egg.  Her removal was motivated strictly on her non-performance.  The good people of her district decided that they had enough and replaced her with a candidate who will look out for their interests.  This is the second time that McKinney has been booted out by a more competent candidate.  Will she run as an independent?  Perhaps.  Will that reveal her to be the true icon of race-baiting, conspiracy theorists?  I don't see what more could be revealed. 
If we can say one thing about the two defeated incumbents, it is that their honesty was their undoing.