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22 August 2006

Time is running out...

I suppose it was only a matter of time before the trolling, e-mail spider hunters latched onto my posted e-mail and began dumping the latest Netherlands Lotto winners notification and Cote d' Ivoire pleas for hiding untold millions in suspisciously obtained funds. But the time has indeed arrived. I have received a number of good responses. The overall gist will be posted in the coming weeks, preceded by my own views of DADT.

I am disappointed that the responses to my mini-poll on were not as sucessful. There are several good forums there which I would direct you to view and/or participate in to obtain a flavor for military views. A word of caution, the people on the forum may or may not be actual military members.

The Human Rights Campaign has a good synopsis of some of the more seminal events in the history of the policy. However, some of their reporting is from the SLDN, a group whose sole purpose is to overturn DADTDPDH (the full acronym of the policy). Oddly, this public action by SLDN is the right forum, although their efforts seem to be aimed at the DoD and not Congress, which is the ultimate arbiter of policy.

For a detailed history of the whole debate, originally started by President Jimmy Carter's outright ban on homosexuals in military service, see the Aaron Belkin's Army War College's article in their publication Parameters.

Comparisons of the US to other nations militaries must be made against those which have similar major commonalities. The comparitive forces must be all volunteer, must be selected based upon a meritocracy (best candidates) and must be of a high state of proficiency.

This in itself is a unique status. But, I note, it seems to align well with members of the EFW (Elightened Free World).


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Citizen Deux said...

I will be sending my information right away! Please check my new website,

Major John said...

I pimped the survey to all and sundry...say, we do get the t-shirts and coffee mugs once you compile the results, right?

Major John said...

Oh, and Scoot - well done.

Citizen Deux said...

Major, I will have to look for some shirts befitting of the high quality aspects of the fine folks here at HG&U!

Hmmmm...perhaps some old Crystal Pepsi promotional material can be found.

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Scootmaroo said...

Thanks, Major! Just feeling silly that's, all. Oh yeah, I want the tshirt and coffe mug too....and MMMMMM...Crystal Pepsi. Almost as big a marketing blunder as Pepsi Jazz. The difference being I liked Crystal Pepsi.