Good morning enlightened free world…

Well, Kim Jong Il has crossed the Rubicon. North Korea has detonated a nuclear device. Even now, somewhere deep in the E-ring of the Pentagon a list of contingency plans are being reviewed and forwarded to the NCA (National Command Authority). It would be irresponsible for me to speculate on the contents of these plans, I certainly have no first hand knowledge of them. However, the implications of our actions will be felt around the world.

In one sense the Hermit Kingdom has hung up a “Nukes for Sale” sign to anyone willing to pony up sufficient cash for its collapsing economy. Considering the value of that economy is approximately $23.5bn, a $100mn price tag represents a pure cash infusion of almost 0.5%.

The key questions we should be asking ourselves is can we get the rest of the world to pay attention to this dangerous condition? Recall that the Korean Conflict has never been reconciled with a peace treaty. In essence, the war continues under an ongoing truce. The security of the world demands that North Korea step away from the edge and place their materials under international controls.

Even with a bucket of nuclear weapons, North Korea could never hope to win a conflict with the EFW. After an initial delivery of destruction their military infrastructure would be obliterated by a combined conventional and nuclear fusillade. South Korean forces would likely occupy the remnants of the North and the economic impact to the region would be staggering. Japan would emerge as an even stronger player and the United States would be forced to withdraw from the area for a time.

No, the greater concern is the release of one or two weapons to the individuals who have sworn themselves to our destruction. The Islamo-Fascist Alliance, sufficiently well funded and capable, could deliver blistering destruction to Los Angeles, Sydney, or any other city sufficiently close to a port.

This situation is not the fault of republicans or democrats, the right or the left. It is the long lingering result of a world emerging from conflict and change over the past several centuries. In one sense, I am optimistic. If we can rationally resolve these challenges (conflict between IFA and the EFW, North Korea, the globalization of our economy, etc.) then there is a real chance for an exciting new era in social evolution.

If not, then we are poised to enter a modern dark age in which modern states isolate themselves from the rogue entities, who are allowed to wither and die or are eliminated in brutal conflicts.

My dad was visiting me this past week, providing cover for Citizen Une and myself to take a much needed break. He served in the 3rd ID, 139th Field Artillery as a battery commander during the Korean War. We shared a brief moment of irony as we looked at the headline, sidebar column of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

I know Navy ships are even now being tasked to that part of the world.

I embraced him as he left, each of us wondering what would be required in the days and months ahead.