Time and Tide...

It is amazing the plethora of self help gurus who peddle their wares throughout the planet. Most famously, of late, is the Australian Rhonda Byrne who developed The Secret. Many of these people have taken the karmic philosophy and spiked it for Western consumption. The West, having been failed by a largely corrupt church and the rise of rationalism, has sought desperately to reconnect with it spiritual side.

It is sad that so many folks simply refuse to accept that acts of kindness, personal responsibility and individual humility are more than adequate pathways to personal spirituality. I have been on my own quest of late. It's not been pleasant, either.
And yet, there comes a moment when a crystallizing vision arises to focus all your thoughts, hopes and fears.
And it is this.
You are responsible for your own actions.
You will bear the consequences of those actions.
There is a definable, demonstrable good and evil in the world.
So let it be.


Citizen Deux said…
Eeek, self commenting. However, Cosmic Connie has the PERFECT synopsis of what I was really trying to say <"href=http://cosmicconnie.blogspot.com/2007/03/chopra-secret-and-unenchanted-world.html">about New Age thinking.

Dammit, she's good!

I don't quite hold the grudge against Deepak she has. I've seen him speak a few times and read some of his work. When distilled, it's pretty good. I am still not happy with the fast and loose science.

Nonetheless, he took a VERY principled stand on Bill Maher (whom I do revile) last night.

Read and heed.
sonicfrog said…
I like these "For Dummies" books (yes they're real):

"Holistic Healing..."

"The G.E.D...."


"Herbal Remedies..."

"Exercise Balls..."

"The Koran..." (I wonder if the author got any death threats for this one?).

and of coarse my personal favorite...

"Sex For Dummies"!
sonicfrog said…
Ooops! I think the "Holistic Healing" book is in the "Idiots Guide to..." series.
Can't we all just get along?..He is feeling stifled, and will be starting his new blog Emergancyprotocol417soon....(did I spell that right? Someone check!)
Citizen Deux said…

Check the spell!!
I did, i did, jeez...started it last night. I am having trouble with the new blogger though..can't get the cool italics in my header that that you have.....