Vive la France...

I like France.

There I said it. From their devil may care attitude to their vigorous, albeit futile, defense of their culture. The French know some things the rest of the world could stand to learn.

I worked for some years for a French company. I know a number of fine French citizens. I like french fries.

One of the most remarkable things the French have done is that they have opened their UFO files to the world.

This is amazing!
The fact that a nation of serious scientific and defense capability (the French have nukes, quite a few, in fact) would reveal this to EVERYONE should be a lesson for other nations - how about us? I am not sure if there are some redactions for masking sensor capabilities or other national secrets, but the cases and evidence themselves for these events should be public.


Simply put, the more we can examine these phenomenon, the more likely we are to understand them. Perhaps they are all a series of "non-events", perhaps not.

Unlike crop circles, widely proven to be hoaxes, sightings of unidentified flying objects are as yet still in the realm of the possible for all sorts of explanations.

Like the poster in the X-files - I want to believe.


BostonMaggie said…
You. Are. Crazy.

French fries....stop it!
Don't forget French Toast, the Statue of Liberty, and the help that they gave us during the Revolutionary War. Oh yes, and Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard. We as a society could not function without it.

I, too, want to believe, which is why I had bought the region 2 dvd's of TORCHWOOD and the software to watch them on....Oh, wait, that was only because I believe in Capt. Jack.
sonicfrog said…
Yes. I agree. On the first "Chris Plays Guitar" album "I Like Their Old Stuff Better", I talked the rest of the band into throwing a nod to French Toast in the liner notes.

PS. The help they gave us wasn't 'cause they necessarily wanted us to gain independence. They were fighting a proxy war against Brittan, and they gave us monetary assistance hoping we would be so financially strapped that we would be bound to allegiance through debt. But, regardless their motives, they were vital to our success.
BostonMaggie said…
Lafayette was the last useful Frenchmen.........although when listing useful French things, I'll concede French kissing among other things.
Citizen Deux said…
I won't disagree with you Mags...