And the answer is...

Well, I am officially one year older. There is no real celebration, although Citizen Une provided a superior Angel Food cake. The proto-citizens also contributed their share of booty. A lovely version of Microsoft’s flight simulator (X), a notebook and a Milky Way Midnite (formerly MW Dark). Ah, the benefit of age. It is hard to believe myself at this point in my life. I feel more engaged and more alive than at any previous period in my existence. Okay, there was that one time in a Cessna 120 with Jill Weaver – but I won’t bother to elaborate.

As I sit here, the rain is falling mercifully in Atlanta. My opposite number is preparing for his great adventure to the UK and my two beloved boys are at hand.

Life is good.


BostonMaggie said…
Happy Birthday!
sonicfrog said…
Ha Ha, I'm older thn you... wait :-O

Happy B-Day!!!
Happy Birthday Old Man!
Major John said…
Now you are the Old Man (and the Sea)? Heh, listen to me calling a guy only 11 months older "Old Man".

Happy Birthday.
Yeah, well I am still the oldest...if not quite wiser....sigh.
Citizen Deux said…
Look, if only I knew then what I know now...yadda yadda. Enough frivolity!

Thanks for your kind wishes.