Woefully late...


I am much delayed with any postings on the old blogosphere!

Some fast topics…

1) Is moral relativism dead?

2) Why should we care about Beckham

3) Is Gordon Brown self delusional?

4) Why no one care about George Bush anymore

By the way, be sure to check out EP417

These and other furiously fascinating topics await! Not to mention the often cited, but never published DADT results!!!

Now almost over a year in the delaying!

Bon appetit.

UPDATE - Editing!!!


Other than a great posterior, and a certain metrosexual je ne c'est quois, why should we care about Beckham? But hey, those two reasons are good enough for me...

And EP417 has been almost a year in the delaying? Is Borat writing your blog now?
Quote for the day that had me, and probably only me, ROTFL. It is from the Sunday DAY BY DAY.

"Can you fix a Stryker's tranny?"

I alway found it amusing that someone chose that name and that spelling for a piece of military equipment.....
sonicfrog said…
Quick answers to questions:

1) Yes.

2) We shouldn't.

3) Isn't everybody.

4) Bad policies and horrific public relations skills.

VerWord: xsfmsxk
sonicfrog said…
Capt. - No, it's not only you. I get it! It'd be even better if the equipment in question was a submarine!
Citizen Deux said…
I don't even want to admit that I know why this is funny...
sonicfrog said…
Questions answered - revised:

1) Yes.

2) We shouldn't.

3) Isn't everybody.

4) See question 3.
Also, because of this post, I had an untoward dream about David Beckham last night....oddly, Posh was also involved. Then we all went out for breakfast.
BostonMaggie said…
1. In some quarters, more dead than Gen. Francisco Franco.

2. We should not.

3. Yes, sadly.

4. I do.

Capt. - You tramp.
sorna said…
I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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