Doing good by acting right...

Fellow blog readers, yes you two over there. I have a good friend who
is presently deployed. He is a super guy, great piano player and an
Eagle Scout. While working for the Army in Afghanistan, he has started
a seriously great good deed. Read on.

Subject: [NREDJO] Help the Afghan people

Fellow NRED Officers,

I am currently mobilized in Afghanistan and need your help with
something. ISAF has identified certain key areas where the population
can be convinced to support the Government of Islamic Republic of
Afghanistan (GIRoA) with a little focused attention.

There are 3,000 kids in this particular school district. They come back
from winter break in late March for the solar new year and supplies will
be needed. We can purchase school supplies (backpack, notebooks, pens,
pencils, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.) locally in Afghanistan for about
a tenth the cost in the U.S. and we don't pay shipping costs.

I have partnered with U.S. based NGO PARSA, a 501(c)(3) charity, on this
project. If you would do me the favor of passing on this information to
anyone inclined to donate, the website is: <>
Two options to donate:
Under the donation button, there's a menu with the choice "school
supplies". The site uses PayPal to take credit card info and pay
Else, you can write a check to "PARSA" with the words "school supplies"
in the memo line and mail the check to their PO Box in Seattle, WA.

Time is critical. By agreement with PARSA's Executive Director, Marnie,
everything collected before March 6th will go toward this important
school district. I also have an ongoing partnership with PARSA as I am
assisting them with several Afghan Scout Troops at two local orphanages.
More on that will be in my next blog posting: <>

Thanks in advance shipmates, for passing this on to everyone you know.
This is the most efficient way to get aid directly to the areas that
will have the most impact on our efforts to stabilize the environment in
All my best,
-Steve Michaels, LCDR, USN
IJC Stability Ops SNE, IDC RC(E) Desk Officer
Kabul, Afghanistan

*********** Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead *********

Steve R. Michaels, MSEE, PE
Eagle Scout, B.S.A.
LCDR /USN /1445


Steve is one of those rare individuals who is a good guy down to his
core. I have had the privilege of serving with him as an Engineering
Duty Officer and consider him a great friend. Stop by the link and