It's a debate again...

Recent continuing revelations about the carefulness, or carelessness, in
which the IPCC has prepared their report on climate change continue to
surface like polar bears with water wings. The latest revelation
indicates that elements of the report were taken wholesale from WWF
publicity pieces. Many of us, myself included, have a LOT of questions
about global climate change.

1 - How are we validating it?
2 - What is the MOST likely cause (natural variability, humanity,
deforestation, etc)
3 - What are the most likely effects for the near term (next 100-200
4 - Can (and should) we do anything about it?

Asking these questions usually gets one branded with a green D, for
denialist, and a midnight visit by a brass knuckle wielding, internet
inventing Al Gore. Alas, the complex science and politics of this issue
have become more and more transparent. It now appears that a lot of
information is simply being submitted with little or no substantiation.

Let me be clear, less pollution and impact to the planet is good. No
amount of action on our part will stop earthquakes, hurricanes, asteroid
strikes or other natural cataclysms. So we need to be sure that we are
working on the right problem.

I want to get back to the debate.

I want answers to my four questions.