Deux 1, Drudge 0...

Did I scoop Matt Drudge? In his latest posting he points out the fact that Indianapolis International Airport is operated by a foreign company. During an exchange a few days ago with Major John on Misearble Donuts, I pointed out the exact fact. One of the interesting aspects of this fact is that airports operated by private firms tend to perform better than those operated by municipalities.

In fact, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has been a target for privatization for some time. Let’s not forget that airports have been built with tax dollars. There are few, if any, privately built, commercial airports in the United States. As such, our ability to utilize inexpensive air travel has been underwritten by the population. As is the case with our highways and ports. Almost every mode of transportation, with the exception of rail.

But anyway, I scooped Drudge?


Maybe I can become a contributor to the Huffington Post!
What a minute…it looks just like Drudge!


Major John said…
You might have wished he would have linked to you/credited you, but Blogger probably would have crashed! Heh. See why I asked you to comment about that topic, I knew I was asking at the right place.
Citizen Deux said…
Thanks for the ack! If folks really took a look at the massive interconnectedness of our global economy, they would be stunned by how extensive ownership of traditional "national" firms extends.