Holy Helsinki...

A group of naïve interferons has been freed from the clutches of the perpetual, religiously psychotic. Within their press release, they extol the need to love their enemies despite their evil acts.
Just who are their enemies? Is it the young Sergeant First Class who retrieved them from almost certain death? Or is it the Baathist / Al Qaeda operatives who seem to take bizarre pleasure in the misery of others and wreak havoc among innocents? Our invasion and present occupation of Iraq are realities on the ground. We have an undeniable obligation to leave that nation in a better state than when we arrived. You may wish to debate the details, legalities and what not of the time up until the invasion, however, that is now official history.
Our commitment to the Iraqi people must be unwavering, we need to provide security for the redevelopment of their government and institutions. This will take a long time, longer than 2008 if I were to guess. The fact that most of the conflict is localized in a specific geographic region should not surprise anyone. The sectarian troubles have been brewing for millennia. This is not news. And yet to our major media outlets, who confine their reporting to second string accounts funneled into the Green Zone which are very difficult to verify, this is quickly laid at the feet of the Coalition forces. In fact, the major outlets seem to have a lot of trouble getting even domestic stories correct.
If we are to recall history, then we can remember what happened after the iron curtain fell in the Balkans. A rash of unspeakable and unholy conflicts broke out resulting in our engagement and ultimately, occupation. Almost all of these events were driven around deep seated ethnic tensions fostered by external agitators. The Iranians were even involved in some of the destabilization of the area, and we interceded on behalf of the Muslim side, rightly so. In fact, we are still in the Balkans, many years after the cessation of hostilities. Rebuilding takes time, just look over at New Orleans. That city is in our own country and we are still far from any recognizable progress in some areas. Much of that is being hampered by…POLITICS!