It's either all okay or none of it is...

The Weekly Standard has a great article on the final blowback from the cartoon controversy of 2005/2006. Most tellingly is the detail surrounding the South Park episode which was censored by Comedy Central.

Now I live in the hometown of Comdey Central. It is an irreverant, bold and daring network. Sometimes it is even funny. I have no doubt that the decision to censor the South Park episode was developed at the highest levels of CC's legal risk management structure.

The trend of late, the censoring of the Falun Gong protester on international television, the restrictions Google, Yahoo and Microsoft permit in China and the wildly selective journalism practiced by ALL side of the political spectrum mandate that an engaged citizen seek for themselves the truth among the deceptions.

It is no wonder the Internet is serving as the new conduit for information and discourse!

But in the end, who can carry the label of purity?