Day by Day

20 April 2006


This was reported via Drudge today;

"On China TV: As Hu was speaking when yells of protesters became audible, the screen went black. When the feed came back the screen once again went black when woman was again heard. During CNN International's post-speech commentary, at mention of south lawn heckler, the screen also went black again. The CNN feed returned when the incident ended."

What is interesting is the selective censorship in favor of The Peoples Republic of China's government. Why should CNN International black out the feed from a relevant news story? I had the opporunity to visit the BODIES exhibition when it toured through Atlanta recently. The exhibit was stunning with a fantastic glimpse into the inner workings of our own bodies.

These bodies, I learned, came almost exclusively from China. The methods in which they were obtained was purportedly from John and Jane Does who died of natural causes and had no relatives. This seemed believable, and yet a small group of protesters stood outside the museum purporting that the origin of the bodies on display may have had a more sinister source.

I do not know the answer, but the doubt has haunted me ever since. The PRC is a nation which should be viewed with great caution. Its people, and I have met many, are kind, ingenious and affable. Their government, not so much. Hu Jintao's visit to the United States is relevant in many ways, I hope he views it as a trip to the future, a place where China can be given the right stewardship and proper freedoms.


Scootmaroo said...

As I stated in my response to your comment on blog, The Right Loves Free Speech. As long they agree with it, or it doesn't embarrass them. Right after Bush pleads with Hu to allow free speech and assemble, he has someone arrested for, um, free speech and it any wonder his approval rate has dropped any lower? It's beginning to be like the Limbo.....

Scary? Yup.

Citizen Deux said...

Pulling a heckler from an official news conference is not supressing free speech. Censoring the event on a news channel is.

By the way, the same is true for the left (or middle). Almost everyone is in favor of speech, as long as they agree with it.

Major John said...

Man, i still get goosebumps seeing the picture of that man standing before the tanks.

I suspect that when Cheney or Bush or Rice get heckled, they don't black that out, do they?