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28 April 2006

Oh yeah...

Consumer confidence is up, as are fuel prices. Krauthammer has a wonderful article in plain English.

Read it!

Also, Scoot has some interesting thoughts on the present unhappiness with the administration. I concur that a lot of the concern are well placed (immigration, etc.), but worst president ever?

Sorry. Carter still leads GWB.


Scootmaroo said...

I have always questioned your "Carter Worst" theory. None of the presidential scholars I have read agree. Mediocre, yeah. He did not much great (okay, some nice things in the Middle East), and the economy sucked, but it kind of sucked before he was president, too. but how much of that was his fault? And we sure can't blame him for Disco.

As memory served, he did a lot to heal the country after Watergate,(I wonder if we can ever be healed after Bush II) and I don't remember any major scandals coming out of his administration. At least, none to match what is going on now. I think that if it had not been for the mishandling of the Iran Hostage situation, and the presence of an independent candidate who took a lot of votes away from him (mine, for one-my first presidential election! I remember it vividly. A bunch of us at Colby were so depressed when Reagan won that we had to go see MOTEL HELL to cheer us up), he may very well have been reelected.

And at least his accent and down to earth hominess are real, and not an act. And I don't think that Dubya will ever have the class Carter has in his personal life. In the matter of character, Carter wins big time.

Citizen Deux said...

What good did Carter do in the Mideast? Camp David? And the healing from Watergate? I contend we still haven't healed, considering how many Nixon is Bush comparisons are made.

Sorry, spend a little time in the presidential library and you will realize just how weak and bankrupt Carter was on all counts, including his tenure as governor of Georgia.

BTW, disco still lives, it' just repackaged!

Major John said...

I wonder how the Left will heal itself when their focus of hatred departs. 8 years it will be of - we hate Bush, Bush is teh suxor, and Bush is Hitler, blah blah, blah. Ye Gods, what a mentally bankrupt period of time - right when we need a decent and idea producing opposition party...

sonicfrog said...

Carter politicized and boycotted the Olympics.

He had no clue or desire to prevent communisms spread across Latin America, something we are still paying for today (Hello Hugo C).

Horrible economic policy, though I cut him a bit of slack cause he inherited the conditions that caused "stagflation".

There are no gas lines currently circa 1978.

But the biggest, most insidious crime of Carter's ineptness ---

The price of candy bars almost tripled during his tenure!!!

OK. I was young. But I never forgave him for that. You see Scoot, I very well understand kitchen-table issues!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like there are some hot new posts at Unrelated Rejoinders. I guess Citizen Deux has been left in the dust again.

Citizen Deux said...

Heaven help us...