My grandfather served in WWI and WWII. My dad served in WWIII and now I am serving in WWIV. For those who doubt the accuracy of my cataloging the global conflicts, do a few searches on WWIV. Above is one of the few pictures of Grandad from WWII. In this shot, he is the one on the right, he was an Army Air Corps officer, LTC, escorting the Crown Prince of Italy back to Rome after the fall of Italy. I think the general is Wainwright, any help? Umberto has signed the print as 30-ix-1944 (Sep 30, 1944).

Grandad was a soldier of fortune. I could spend a lot of time writing about him, but that is for another time. He was the son of a minister and the first in our patriarchal line to serve. The Army discharged him in 1948 and told him he had six months to live die to a heart ailment. He died in 1983.

I stood on the deck of the USS PEGASUS (PHM-1) in my midshipman's uniform as we consigned his ashes to the waters around Key West, which he so loved.

I miss you Grandad.