There are a LOT of people promoting horoscopes on the planet. If you read the any two horoscopes on a given day for yourself, you will get two very different persepctives. There is one site which I particularly like. It is Rob Brezsny's Freewill Astrology. He is definitely in the "woo woo" category. And yet he has such a vibrant way of writing and laying out his optimistic view of the world that it is almost impossible not to read and enjoy.

He also published a book entitled Pronoia. It is an equally joyful tome full of whimsical thoughts and some not too shabby philosophy. I am not a wooist (woo-ee, wooer?), but I appreciate an exuberant spirit. Part of the attraction of his work is a Zen like approach to the universe.
I get this in an infrequent message from Citizen Une. She is presently on a quest for enahnced personal and spiritual knowledge and has been peering into the deeper and sometimes darker corners of our respective souls. On many occassions I credit her with more courage than anyone I know. I am posting this in partial answer to a comment from Scoot. He posed a thought regarding The List.
I think we steer our own destiny to a great degree, however, the interference of chaos is a force for which there is little to no remedy. Like a cosmic surfer, we can search for the wave, ride the wave, but its strength and arrival are out of our hands.
Just like physicist's quest for a unified theory, I think philosophers and thinkers are also looking for a unified field for human thought and existence. I think I would put my money on the physicists first, but the quest is certainly more lively in the latter group!