Never Give Up...

It seems that a set of septegenarians in Costa Rica were accosted by a trio of thugs, The group attempted to rob the tourists and found, despite their youth and possession of weapons, that the Americans were not too happy to be robbed.

In fact, after the seniors decided to resist, two criminals fled while the one who was armed was engaged in a struggle with the travellers. Regrettably, the assailant died.

Wait a minute, did I say regrettably? I did. It is regrettable when anyone loses their life. In this instance I place the blame squarely on the perpetrator. His actions required a response from the vicitms, I simply do not think it was the response he expected.

I think things have changed a lot since September 11, 2001. There is no tolerance for the bullying of innocents.


Citizen Deux said…
Okay, it is the height of vanity to comment on one's own blog. but I must comment on the poster shown. Several years ago I saw this in a store in Atlanta. I thought it was a great inspiration. Growing up in Florida, I saw numerous "old folks" who remained vital and engaged their whole lives.

I fully intend to be one of them. I frequently tell my son that I intend to live to be 140.

Why not?
Cosmic Connie said…
CD, I find this post very encouraging. I am dealing with aging-parent issues now, and from what I've seen, the prospect of old age is...well...terrifying. Thank you for the reminder that being weak and helpless in one's later years is not inevitable.
Anonymous said…
I frankly, am appalled at the filthy nekidness that you are displaying on your blog. What about the children...WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?????

That being said, 50 is the new 30! Grow old along with me.....(you may have to, I may be out of a job next week and need a place to wouldn't want me to be homeless now, would you?)
Someone should put a sign on that guys grave saying "I was killed by an unarmed guy 50 years older then me"
Anonymous said…
After a second night of being unable to sleep, I have deleted my blog. RIP, Cabanaboyscoot.
Citizen Deux said…
Steady...hopefully the saga of Scoot will be resoplved for the good tomorrow.