Biden his time...


Sweet nellie potellie. Joe Biden?

Did I hear correctly?

The eternal senator from Delaware? Posing windbag who had previously said he would never accept a nomination to the VP slot?

Barack, is this a joke?

He may have "strong foreign policy experience", but another way tosay this is that he has presided over a lot of hearings.

I don't think this is going to give him the edge he wanted.

Besides, Biden is at times left of Obama.


Being in Delaware this weekend when the announcement was made, you would be roundly chastised. He is very well respected and admired here, as he is in Washington. And you can hardly call it a left-wing state....
Citizen Deux said…
Many senators are admired in their states. They bring cash, cash, cash.

Delaware most assuredly is a left wing state by virtue of ots tax structure and consistently democratic leanings.

Biden has been in the senate since 1972. With two failed campaigns as president - he brings less to the ticket than risk.

Why couldn't he have picked Richardson?
Consistently democratic leanings???? Left wing? You obviously have not been to many of the Methodist or Baptist Churches which bolster the small town Delaware landscape, or been listening to the "let's all vote for McCain All The Time" country music station which I have been this week... How is having no sales tax and depending on slot machine revenue "left wing"? This is a state with many, many retired military personel (brought here, for the most part, by that commie leftie no income tax know, like that other left wing bastion, Florida, a major air force base, and the base for financial insititutions such as Discover, and any other LLC which wants to avoid taxation....yeah, it is a state TEEMING with left wing liberals. Of course, there is that Rehoboth Beach problem, but most of them of them are Log Cabinettes anyway if they can afford a house if they continually vote democratic, the guy must be doing something right..and how refreshing in that we have a two time married politician, a widower whose wife died tragically in an automobile accident, who remarried for a reason other than leaving his crippled or cancer ridden wife for a botoxed bimbo....
Citizen Deux said…
Let's look at the facts


2008 Elections:

[ Ruth Ann Minner (D)* - Not Eligibile to Seek Re-Election in 2008. ]
John Carney (D) - Lt. Governor, Ex-State Finance Secretary & Ex-Congressional Aide
Jack Markell (D) - State Treasurer & Ex-Telecommunications Executive
Bill Lee (R) - Retired Superior Court Judge, USMC Veteran & '04/'00 Candidate
Mike Protack (R/IP) - Airline Pilot, USMC Veteran & Frequent Candidate

[ John Carney (D)* - Candidate for Governor in 2008. ]
Matt Denn (D) - State Insurance Commissioner & Ex-Gubernatorial Aide
Charlie Copeland (R) - State Senate Minority Leader & Printing Company Owner

[ Matt Denn (D)* - Candidate for Lt. Governor in 2008. ]
Gene Reed (D) - State Insurance Consumer Protection Enforcement Manager
Tom Savage (D) - Ex-Deputy Wilmington Fire Chief & '04 State Sen. Candidate
John Brady (R) - Sussex County Recorder of Deeds

2010 Elections:

Joseph "Beau" Biden III (D)* - (Campaign Site) - When he comes back from Iraq.

Jack Markell (D)* - (Campaign Site)

Tom Wagner (R)*


Joe Biden (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Christine O'Donnell (R) - Political Consultant

Tom Carper (D)* - (Campaign Site) - Next Election in 2012.


At Large:
Mike Castle (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Karen Hartley-Nagle (D) - Children's Rights Advocate, '06 Candidate & '04 State Sen. Candidate
Mike Miller (D) - Accountant & '00/'02 Nominee
Jerry Northington (D) - Veterinarian, Vietnam War Veteran & Peace Activist
Liza Dawn Cherricks (Independent)

Both senators and state leaders are democratic.

A careful review of the state's voting record will show (unsurprisingly) Wilmington skewing the whole state democratic.

A interesting map site is Princeton
Oh yes, I forgot...Wilmington IS the San Francisco of the mid-atlantic region. Sorry, depsite Democrat, Republican, whatever, it is a pretty center, middle of the road, moderatly conservative state. More so I would guess than even Maryland or Pennsylvania. To declare it a hot-bed of left wing liberlism simply because it skews democratic it disingenious, to say the least.
sonicfrog said…

My God! The blogosphere is having a field day!

"I have a higher IQ than you"!


Two failed presidential bids!

Credit Company ties!

RIAA stooge!

What has the vetting committee been doing all this time - trying to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie-pop???
Citizen Deux said…
Sorry, Capt, the state is clearl left of center. Wilmington is the population center of the state - much like Atlanta to Georgia. Thus the politics of the state are more liberal.

Biden is ranked as the third most liberal senator.
Yeah, you have your parents live there for twenty two years,found the states PFLAG chapter, fight homophobia in their church, and then get back to me on that....
Citizen Deux said…
Again, Capt, a personal battle with the citizenry doesn't always translate to the political leaning of the state. The facts of the matter are that the state has shifted towards the left in regards to policy and politics. This may have little to no impact on culture. It is a solid blue state with the usual patina of red in the outlying (non-metro) areas. Many living in Delaware commute to major urban areas (Philly, DC, NYC, Newark).

Just as there may be incidences of liberal behavior in a place like Salt Lake City, the overall tone is quite the opposite. The plural of anecdote is not data.
Again, sorry, but I know NOT ONE SOUL in Milford Delaware who commutes to any major city more than two hours away to work. Wilmington, perhaps, Philly, maybe...but NYC? DC? The entire state, with the exception of Wilmington,is an "outlying rural area". For democrats to be consistently elected in a state which is a as conservative as this, they must be doing something the conservatives like...I don't believe residents of Millsboro, Georgetown, Milton, et. al. would continually just bow down to the wills of the voters from Wilmington...again, hardly a liberal hotspot. So, it once more blurs the lines of "red" and "blue". And remember, Democrat does not always mean "libural", even in the perjorative have also failed to convince me how having no state salse tax, no state income tax, yet remaining fiscally sound through taxing the tourists and slot machines, is left leaning....
Citizen Deux said…
Gambling is essentially a liberal construct. Although it is a regressive form of revenue generation - typically those with the least ability shoulder the greatest burden.

BTW - Milford - 5th largest incorportated town in Delaware, pop - 7500.