Stratfor is on target...

The analytical piece by Stratfor's George Friedman is right on the money in regard to Russia's actions and motivations.

Now, what are we going to do about it?

Europe must make a decision as to how they are going to react to the Russian move. I suspect there are plenty of heads of states who are thinking about voters and rising natural gas prices.

They better get their pipline built - and a few main battle tanks wouldn't hurt.

The game continues.


Anonymous said…
Generally concur. However, US advice was "do not do this".
The impact of EMOTION on this issue for the Georgians and the Russians can not be underestimated. It is obvious the Russians were waiting. So Georgia decision system is penetrated. Not sure the Georgian's wanted to do this (based on their prowess in the execution phase). Notice the MARPAT uniforms? There is a reason for that. :) I think the next area to watch is Ukraine. Look for another push by US to induct them into NATO.
Citizen Deux said…
The Ukraine is militarily stronger than Georgia. Georgia had been battling Russina supported forces since the 1990s. The problem was that their government was too corrupt, until recently, to take any effective action. When Ossetian shells began falling in Georgian villages - they had to act (see Israel in Lebanon). Unfortuneately it wasn't Syria on the other side of the wall.