Humble in our existence…

One year ago a devastating tsunami swept through Indonesia and surrounding nations. A year later the world still has no effective means of dealing with such an event, save to collect the fallen, comfort the injured and rebuild the destroyed.

It is perhaps fitting that we are reminded, periodically, (tragically) of our frail hold on existence. If not a tsunami in the Indian Ocean, then it is an earth quake in Pakistan. The names of the nations are not significant, only that in each incident there is massive human suffering.

We have no real recourse against these force majeure events. Our technology and science is no match for true acts of nature. This is not to say we should consign ourselves to some Nietzschean existence, awaiting the fall of Damocles’ sword.

But we should engage in meaningful, rational debate and discussion. Our limited resources should be directed against the critical few events which threaten the lives and health of our planet and its present dominant species.
I do not know if global warming is accelerated by humanity’s actions, nor do I believe anyone has a definitive answer on that topic. But I do know that mosquitoes carry malaria, lack of access to capital engenders poverty and intolerance breeds contempt and violence.