Smart move for intelligent design...

A federal judge has recently struck down Intelligent Design as a viable scientific curriculum. Rightly so. A discussion of mythology belongs in a course of religious studies, not alongside rigorous scientific discussions.

Let me state my position on this topic clearly. ID is camouflaged faith. Its proponents are the worst sorts of individuals imaginable. They use selective review, faulty science and the fears and prejudices of people to further a potentially malicious agenda. They are dissemblers
of the highest order.

Frankly, I rank these individuals with those folks who see a conspiracy in every corner. Ranging from vaccine paranoids, big government wackos and liberal and conservative rhetoric mongers.

Religion is a fine enough subject to study on its own merits. A real analysis and solid work in comparative religions will reveal much about the nature of humanity. It is not, nor has it ever been, science. A scientist may guide his actions by their own faith or beliefs, but in the cold light of public scrutiny, the truth will out.

PS – Kansas BOE – You deserve swift removal from office for failure to serve your state.