Day by Day

16 December 2005

iPod, schmiPod...

I have never been a fan of Apple products. Although I cut my computing teeth on an Apple][, there was something socially repelling to me about the Apple philosophy. Perhaps that says more about my occassionally dysfunctional views than I thought!

Nonetheless, I truly respect their innovative spirit and admire the idea behind the iPod.

By the way, for a truly interesting take on the iPod ads, see a friend's site.

Back to my beef with Apple, not so much a beef as a desire to run music on my Pocket PC. I have a trusty Samsumg i700. It's old now, but works great. I spent a few days loading my PC with all my old CDs via iTunes (a great piece of software). My problem is I am struggling with loading playlists to SD cards to play on my Pocket PC!

At present I am burning the lists to CDs and then reloading them onto cards. Great, once in a while, but a horrible waste of CDs.

What is the frosting on this cake, is the simple fact that the system does not readily acknowledge my ownership of the CDs! I swear, if anyone needs a whakc in the head with a frozen fish its the RIAA.


Scootmaroo said...

What, pray tell, for we the uninformed IBM clone masses, is the "apple philosophy?". I nee answers here.....

Citizen Deux said...

Apple my mind is represents the worst of socialist thought. Good ideas, but controlled by one single element. I.e. Apple's mistake in not allowing their idea to be "cloned" as IBM did with their PC. Hence Apple's relegation to a side line of systems.

There's more to this, of course, but that will be for another time.