Day by Day

09 December 2005

You know you're not a superpower when...

You accidentally poison an entire city with a chemical spill

Pictures of your capital city must be enhanced to cut through the smog

You purchase a second rate aircraft carrier in order to build a "recreation vessel"

You are in mortal fear of a neighbor one one hundredth your size

You routinely massacre your population

Or you are China


Scootmaroo said...

Good Stuff, Citizen Deuz. But I am, and others, I think, are confused by the nominclature. I mean, I THINK I know what you are referring too(military, unable to speak out about certain things while in uniform, etc.), however, you intro gives us the impression that you are a citizen of the US and another country. You know, like Elizabeth Taylor or a Canadian. :)

Citizen Deux said...

Quite Correct young padawan. However, it refers to being a citizen two times over...although sometimes between service and civilian it does feel like I am in another country...