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02 May 2006

And now, the rest of the story...

So there I was, in the palatial Hurlburt Field learning a lot about Joint/Combined Air Operations. A range of VSP (very smart people) are pumping information into my head with all the subtlety of a firehose.

The class is mostly Air Force, and since it is an Air Force base, it is resplendent with cool gadgets and hip graphics. They even have a Navy display to rival some of the things one might find at the Navy Yard in DC.

Most interesting is the discussion of doctrine. Doctrine is the guidance the United States uses in the preparation and conduct of War and MOOTW (Military Operations Other Than War). IF folks would take the time to read a few of these well developed treatises, they would gain a substantial insight into the methodology of our operational conduct and present status within current conflicts.

We really do what we say we will do, militarily. Most of the conundrum comes from our political leadership in the development of complex ROE (rules of engagement) or Coalition structuring. I did learn a very interesting factoid, during the combat operations of OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) 93 percent of the sorites (air missions) were flow by US assests. Six percent were flown by UK assets and only one percent by all other coalition forces. The interesting fact is that the UK committed almost 90% of their owned airframes to the fight.

They retained only two squadrons on their shores, a homeland security Tornado squadron and a maritime patrol squadron, which was not needed.

As World War IV continues to roll onwards, I find some comfort in our relationship with the UK.


Scootmaroo said...

What? I missed World War III? Was it one of those nights I was drunk at Zeigfeld's?

Citizen Deux said...

Remember that whole Cold War thing? Most folks count that as WW III.

I am pretty sure you were there...