Dry spell...

I don't know if it's the advent of summer or simply mental fatigue. But I've been going through a blogging dry spell. Most likely it's my schedule. For some reason I have been on the road for one reason or another. All of it necessary, none of it particularly fun. A couple of interesting things to ponder, and possibly post as new topics.

1) The actual text of Iran's letter to the USA. Some sources claim that the end wording is a classic Islamic phrase roughly translating to "you're going down".

2) The NSA kerfluffle (anyone have the origins of that phrase?) is only about six years old. We have been seeing the impact of our electronic society for years (remember the Net with Sandra Bullock in 1993?) Somehow, I doubt the American public will get very excited over this.

3) The economy. It's blasting along, but consumers are depressed. I'm perplexed

4) Thailand's southern border with Malaysia. Not a pleasant place to be.

5) The 2006 mid-term elections. My predictions, everyone gets reelected.

6) A recent Op-Ed in the AJC (world's worst newspaper) cited the lack of America's rich serving in the armed forces as a reason for concern. Again, perplexity sets in to my brain. No statistics were sited, I am supposed to buy some book in order to find out the "real" story. The only figure quoted was that when family income rises above $60,000 then the likelihood of joining military service decreases. Hmm. Sounds like economics.

Anyone who wants to dive off into one of these pools, drop a note and I will gladly follow suit. Otherwise, it's emergency protocol 417.


Kerfuffle has origins in the Scottish word curfuffle, which can be a noun meaning 'disorder, flurry, agitation' or a verb meaning 'to disorder'.
The first syllable might be dervied from the Gaelic car meaning 'to twist, bend, or turn about', the second derived from fuffle, meaning 'to throw into disorder or to jerk about' or, as a noun, 'fuss'.

Well. You did ask. :)
Citizen Deux said…
Someone penned me the origins of Kerfluffle! Apparently it's Gaelic! I am stunned and humbled.

Nice blog, by the way.
It's called procrastination actually. Work or kerfuffle. No brainer.

And it might possibly be the only time I have something intelligent to add to your blog :)

Thanks for the visit and the kind comment..is that three zeros on that cheque?
Scootmaroo said…
Gee, and all this time I thought it was yiddish.....
Major John said…
"Thailand's southern border with Malaysia. Not a pleasant place to be."

Well, if you don't fancy being beheaded that is... Of course, the brave jihadis seem to be sticking to 70 something Buddist monks and school girls so far.
Citizen Deux said…
Major, thanks for the focus. Thailand is largely regarded as one of the most tolerant (read decadent) countries in the world. Malaysia, not so much. I think I may have to tap my Marine colleague for some more detail on the troubles in that VERY dangerous spot in the world.