Rep John Murtha, a perpetually elected member of the US House of Representatives, accused US Marines of acting in cold blood during action in Haditha on November 19. Murtha is a former Marine who has been a very harsh critic of the war and a democratic gadfly.

His actions repeated in the press are, in my view, treasonous. They are treasonous in that they speak to a conclusion not yet reached by official inquiry. They are treasonous in the timbre of his rhetoric which does so much to give aid and comfort to the enemy. They are treasonous in that they come from a position in which Rep. Murtha is long removed from his time in service and his knowledge of current TTP is woefully antiquated.

Shame. If this politician continues to be elected, then the republican majority remains safe.

The event in Haditha reads like a horror novel. A convoy of Marines comes under fire and attack. They respond and at least 15 civilians are killed in the assault. Haditha is within the Sunni Triangle, the most treacherous area of Iraq and the fact that raid execution has been conducted with minimal impact to noncombatants is a tribute to the training of the soldiers. At this point NCIS is involved, I will reserve any judgement until their report is issued.

Until then, Mr. Murtha, sit down.


Scootmaroo said…

"It took a few days for the horror of what Murtha was talking about to sink in. "This is just My Lai all over again," Vaughan Taylor, a former military prosecutor and instructor in criminal law at the Army's school for military lawyers, said last week. "It's going to do us enormous damage."

The facts of the shooting incident seem now to be largely known, with military insiders saying that recent news articles are similar to the internal reports they have received from investigators. But considerable mystery remains about how Marine commanders handled the incident and contributed to what some officials suspect was a coverup. "The real issue is how far up the chain of command it goes," said one senior Marine familiar with the case. "Who knew it, and why didn't they do something about it?"

The Marine Corps still has not corrected its misleading Nov. 20 statement asserting that the Iraqi civilians were killed in a bomb blast. A Marine Corps spokesman didn't return calls on Friday asking why it had not."
Citizen Deux said…
Murtha's comments still stand in my eye as treasonous. He paints all Marines as "cold blooded" killers. The event, as I noted, reads horribly. What those young men felt as they came under attack and how they allegedly retailiated is anything but cold blood.

This is not Mi Lai, the also unpardonable event in whihc a junior officer ordered actions which were contrary to the UCMJ, Geneva convention and ROE.

I am dismayed that a coverup "appears" to have taken place, but we shall see how this plays out.