Penn and Teller...

Podcasting is the thing, some Senators are even doing it! On the advice
of a trusted friend (Nymblewyke) I can recommend the Penn Jillette
podcast. It can be found at Penn Radio. Penn and Teller
revolutionized magic and extended their audience into much younger

I have been fascinated with legerdemain since I was a kid
and watch a birthday party magician seemingly transport objects around
at Bill Frack's seventh birthday party. The fine line between feeling
like you've witnessed something miraculous and wondering whether you
should check your wallet provides a certain thrill. Alas, the prior
years fascination with good magicians seems to be fading.


sonicfrog said…
Thanks for the tip on Penn (could be a pun there). I have loved the "Penn and Teller Bullshit" shows on showtime. OK. We don't have showime. We downloaded the things. I hope they don't mind.
Citizen Deux said…
I am sure their affection for larceny would endear you to them!