Bad Science...

A Canadian university has banned the use of WiFi.  From

The Register;

"Fred Gilbert, president of Canada's Lakehead University, made the order on the basis of possible health risk from the technology, especially to young people. Inconclusive studies into possible links between radio transmissions and leukemia and brain tumors from, among others, scientists for the California Public Utilities Commission, led Gilbert to make the "precautionary ban"
Holy smoking donuts!  At first I thought this was a joke.  Much like the infamous Seattle Bans Coffeehouse


article making the rounds last April Fools, but alas, it is not.  This is yet another example of bad science, hyperactive media, a litigious western society and nanny state mentality run amok. 
We have had scares on Alar, high tension power lines, cholesterol, eggs, salt, fat, wheat, fish, acid rain, and a host of other scientific bogey-persons.  Some of these concerns were raised by intelligent, well meaning people.  However, the chicken little folks grabbed hold of them and ran down the road.  Here's my viewpoint, everything is suspect until well proven otherwise.  And by proven, I don't mean a front cover article in Reader's Digest. 
We take for granted a lot of information.  But as our society continually reveals itself to be extremely complex, it is incumbent upon us to dig for the facts and not take anyone's claims at face value.  This runs the risk of creating a society in which no one can be trusted (maybe not a bad idea).  There is a point at which we will need to place the decision to believe upon our best judgment. 
Given all the facts at hand, we do this everyday.  It's how we fall in love, so far about the best example of trusting our gut.


sonicfrog said…
... and one day some guy will sue bloggers 'cause they're addictive and made him sit on his ass all day typing comments and eating donuts, and the poor slob got fat and had a heart attack...

...BTW, what was your gross income last year??? Just want to know for future reference:-)
Citizen Deux said…
Holy carp! We will need to purchase blogger's malpractice insurance!!

For your records, I earned $1.75, after taxes ;-).

Haven't you seen what my blog is worth? At least Scoot has a value!