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01 February 2006

Now what...

The State of the Union is over. I did not watch it, preferring to read it after the fact and avoid the emotional impact of live TV. There is a good link (via Instapundit) on the Blogosphere's view of the SOTU. It includes left and right views as well as some on the Democratic response.

I liked Governor Kaine's response in that it was delivered by a governor, and not a senator. However, comparisons between Virginia's success and the national arena is a false analogy. Endlessly harping on the "lack of body armor" is not a strategy.

I know there are areas for improvement in the execution of our foreign and domestic policy. I would like to see MORE decisive action and greater transparency. This new state of affairs in the world demands genuine discussion of ideas and options!

Let us not forget that we can not sit still during this period. Events in our world are moving quickly and the result of these new freedoms in some areas may produce even larger challenges. The old adage of "be careful what you wich for" applies.

The government of the United States is embarked on a number of policies. You may not agree with them, but it is our system which requires (and allows) debate and decision, not radical revolution.

I am, admittedly, very frustrated by those who would quickly cast rhetoric and insults over reason and ideas. This applies to the right and left. The polarization of our society into a tribal arrangement is very concerning. Bill Whittle published a nice summary of his feelings, which match pretty closely with mine.

I guess I'd just like to say, let's talk...


G-Dog said...

Good post, CD.

Citizen Deux said...

Yo! Dog, wat up? Props to ya for da viz!