Just the Facts M'am...

I foolishly skipped over to AmericaBlog to view the controversy surrounding the Joint Chiefs of Staff's letter to the Washington Post regarding Toles cartoon in that paper. Personally, I agree with the position of the JCS. The WaPo is distributed in the heart of the area in which many amputees are recovering. Using the graphic image of a missing limbed soldier is in poor taste. But that's just me.

Remember the Doonesbury flap about BD losing his leg? It has been a good storyline, I 've always liked Trudeau's characters, even if I am at odds with his politics.

So to the facts, how is the security situation in Iraq? What is going on with the economy? I will not argue the merits of these pieces. There is a mix of opinion and fact in each. However, I particularly like these lines in the Times piece.

"But now comes the paradox. While America has been run by one of the most doltishly ineffectual governments in history, it has forged ever further ahead of Europe in terms of wealth, science, technology, artistic creativity and cultural dominance.
Why does America’s prosperity and self-confidence seem to bear so little relationship to the competence of its government? The obvious answer is that America, founded on a libertarian theory of minimal government, has always had low expectations of politicians"

I would submit that our foreign policy is actually driven by responding properly to world events, rather than the dictums of any administration.