More nuts please...

Jimmy Carter is out of touch. His repeated forays back into politics have revealed him to be a thin, fluttery image of a man with no hold on any ideals whatsoever.

Aside from swinging a hammer in the cause of Habitat for Humanity, the ex-President from Georgia has continually provided fodder for the conservative right and a pitchman, albeit a hollow one, for the radical left.

His latest debacle occurred at the funeral of Coretta Scott King. This is a woman who died from serious health issues in an experimental clinic in Mexico. During the eulogies, of which there were lgion, Carter dove into a personal political diatribe on the current state of affairs.

Most distasteful. The event should have been a celebration of the life of a noble woman and not a grandstand for faded political figures.

Carter is a buffoon. If he had acted with any resolve during his administration, we may not be in this mess today. But the same may be said for many leaders stretching all the way back to the end of the 19th century.

Tsk tsk.