Be careful what you wish for...

So the democrats have won a majority in congress.  They now have the double bladed position of getting what they asked for in the election.  Regrettably, the problems faced by the nation are not those subject to quick fixes and sweeping legislative reform.  A couple of problems which should be addressed right away are immigration reform (my plan would include gradient amnesty for current workers, a program to permit easier, safer flow of labor into and out of the nation and a more robust [read secure] border with Mexico) and tax reform.  The tax code has spiraled out of control and no longer reflects the needs of our modern economy.  Although the economy is growing, it is hampered by an onerous tax system which dampens the use of capital in the market.
As for foreign policy, the democrats will have to play in the world they have.  There are real threats out there from Islamo-Fascists, North Korea, China and portions of Latin America.  How congress helps shape foreign policy (which is not their primary role) will be of interest.  What is more interesting is the number of left of center commentators who are trumpeting the election as a victory for democracy while only a few weeks ago were predicting Diebold tampering, republican voter suppression and all manner of dirty tricks. 
So which is it?  Does the democracy work in the nation or not?  Certainly if there had been an ongoing conspiracy, wouldn't this election have been the time to execute it?  And how does that play in retrospect for 2000 and 2004? 
Look, either the system is corrupt or it is not.  It can not possibly swing from compromised to free and fair in the space of two years. 
Until the nation abandons its fixation with magical thinking - it will be very hard to take seriously the claims and ideas of those groups (left and right).