Wrong again...

Well maybe svelte...

The democratic process triumphs!

Deux wrong in bullheaded beliefs!

America saved!

Pelosi's reaction still impossible to discern from facial expression!

Wow! What a great day. I was actually able to have a civil conversation with Citizen Une about politics without fear of serious physical harm! Kudos to the folks who voted and voted ferociously! And shame on those who did not! This is exactly the sort of election which reminds us of the power of our nation.

The GOP did itself in during this season. How they will recover for 2008 is anyone's guess. But suffice to say, the world will look pretty different then. The economy, if strong and Iraq and Afghanistan if progressing will even the playing field. If either are out of balance, get ready for a big turnover!

This site has a great round up of all the contested seats.

My only caution to the victorious democrats, get to work! The American people will be just as quick to punish you for not acting in our nation's best interests as they did the republicans.


Scootmaroo said…
At least nancy is not stretched and dyed beyond recognition, ala Libby Dole....Really, she looks like Katherine Helmond in BRAZIL......or, as I have said before, The Joker.

The only disappointment so far is the yahoos in Virginia who voted for the worst, most badly written, lets take away everyone's rights because we don't want gays marry amendemnet ever. Well, at least Webb will prevail......
Jim said…
Well, What about the crooked voting machines scoot? Since you won, I guess this issue goes way. Can you say hiprocasy?