How could one not be thankful today? There are a myriad of things for which I am grateful;

1) Modern medical science which kept my youngest out of serious danger

2) A family who is genuinely loving, if not a tad dysfunctional

3) A friend who has the courage to stage a performance of significant weight and value

4) Colleagues who genuinely care about their work and coworkers

5) A nation which can withstand the vitriol of the past year and continue as the greatest country on earth

6) A military which thrives on the intellect and moral courage of not only its serving members but the families and friends who truly support those engaged in the work of our nation

7) Turkey - nuff said...

8) A brother, who by virtue of his own new son, reminds me how much I value his friendship and counsel

9) In-laws who do not suck, act too crazy and are pretty decent human beings

10) Great weather - global warming be damned!

11) Did I mention turkey?

12) A spouse who holds infinite curiosity and my undying affection

13) A planet in which all things are truly possible.

By the way, enjoy the turkey!


sonicfrog said…
Happy T-Day. Again, glad the mini-citizen is thriving.
Citizen Deux said…
And thankful for guitar playing, Subaru preserving, left-coast teaching pundits!!!

All the best!
Major John said…
Say, you didn't leave out turkey, did you? I, too, have much I am thankful for.