Here we go...

Well I voted.  So did Citizen Une.  In the fine state of Georgia, there wasn't too much controversy.  Most of the state seats were uncontested and there were no contentious issues on the ballot.  Well, the constitutional amendment to enshrine hunting and fishing was a bit much.  But in general, the most talked about race was for governor.  I backed the incumbent (a republican) who has leapt the state steadily tracking along as opposed to his opponent, the present lieutenant governor - a very large man with an affable demeanor and no compelling story.
I did put my vote squarely in the democratic camp when it came to education.  The incumbent, Kathy Cox, has led Georgia to near the top of the heap for laughingstocks.  Her ID support is enough to disqualify her for me.  Her competitor is Denise Majette, a former congresswoman who briefly ousted Cynthia McKinney. 
The time at the polls was not without confusion.  The poll worker could not find my name, for about fifteen minutes.  I noted my beloved's name (horribly misspelled) and thus was confident I was in the right spot.  Finally I was found (having shown ID twice - what is the problem with voter ID laws?) and cast my ballot.  My spouse encountered the same problem, despite my telling her how her name was misspelled. 
The poll workers were neither elderly nor incompetent.  There appeared to be plenty of machines, just a general lack of familiarity with the new system.  I did not notice any stealthy hackers, unless the high school booster moms at the bake sale outside were using their high frequency GOP supplied laptops to secretly up the tally!
Vote on!


sonicfrog said…
Well. The next couple of years will be interesting indeed.
Anonymous said…
And never underestimate the stealth like power of bake sale booster moms, especially in the suburbs. They can be a conniving and evil lot.:)