54 days...

I started blogging a scant 54 days ago. I wanted to present a balanced, thoughtful and rational series of posts designed to engage in discourse with all types, even Sunsara Taylor.

But alas, my ire was tweaked to the boiling. Mr. Joel Stein has penned a piece for the LA Times which is reprehensible on its face. It reflects the very worst of our nation's leftist attitude and, for me, coalesces all that is wrong with that portion of the debate.

To oppose the war is one thing. To denigrate your fellow citizens who have taken an oath to lay down their lives for you is another. Mr. Stein has the vast experience of a well heeled young man who basked in the academic glow of Stanford and Princeton, while also enjoying the culinary delights of Martha Stewart.

Mr. Stein is supposed to be humorous. I find no humor in his article. he obviously fails to understand the relationship between our volunteer forces and some fantasized, underprivileged goon squad.

Despite your political position, the conflict in Iraq is legal. Additionally, it is largely over, aside from the trying task of restoring civil control, and it is essential to our nation that we succed (not to mention the Iraqis).

As one of the soldiers who has seen duty in that AOR, I can assure Mr. Stein that the armed forces of the United States of America are of the highest moral caliber. They are restrained and well supported by a number of very capable and intelligent soldiers and leaders. Our actions are discussed, vetted and reviewed not only by combat commanders but by military attorneys, civilian personnel and ultimately, and this is the important part, our own citizens.

"I know this is all easy to say for a guy who grew up with money, did well in school and hasn't so much as served on jury duty for his country". Poor Mr. Stein, were you too busy to conduct even the most basic civic duty while jetting from one coast to another? Have you ever voted?

This demonstration of ignorance in a global newspaper is disappointing. It reflects each and every one of the worst aspects of the left, which has become shrill and irrational to the point of comedic farce. What is even more disappointing is the inevitable posting by Barbra Streisand on her site in support of Mr. Stein's views.

PS - By the way Mr. Stein, you won't get beat up, but you're welcome to spend some time with the men and women of my unit.

You would be amazed...


sonicfrog said…
I found a way to connect Stein to Kennedy and Alito.

PS. thanks for visiting my blog. I'll link you on my "blogtopus" blog roll.
Citizen Deux said…
Thanks, Stein's work (if meant as pure satire) hits pretty close to my "hot button" mark.