Free markets only work when they're free...

There is a great review of an important economic change from 1968 until now over on TCS Daily. Arnold Kling takes a stab at representing some underlying issues within the current bi-polar policy debate in this nation.

I am a free marketer. I fully support the ownership and use of capital for a person's own needs. I also believe that this leads to a better society in general. Hernando de Soto in his work The Mystery of Capital, outlines the basis for success in the free markets and failure everywhere else.

Markets ignore their own customers at their peril. We are now in the midst of a radical change in the media market. Absent government controls and interference, the virtual media world is overtaking the old "brick and mortar" media world. In Canada, the CBC is in a literal tail spin as the external pressure from non-aligned media has overturned their government.

Why should this matter? It matters because markets will continually shape society and it is the households of the world which make up markets.

What else might benefit from a unlimbering of restrictions and impediments?



Why not...


G. Marock said…
CRACK!! CD hits this one out of the park. From God's lips to CD's ear, except that CD puts it in terms mere mortals can understand. If CD keeps it up with his postings, the entire internet just might get sucked in to the gravity well created by his massive intellect. Nuf said?
Citizen Deux said…
Gordon, rock on! I look forward to your upcoming expose of James Frey's pseudo-original work entitled One Big Piece of C**p.